Raw Materials Paper Divison

Raw Materials Paper Division

At Raw Materials, our expertise lies in diverse paper categories, spanning graphical, packaging, and specialty grades sourced from global mill partners. We specialize in tailoring personalized solutions to meet your stocklots paper requirements, including graphical, packaging, and specialty papers from mills worldwide.

With strategically located global warehousing facilities, we are a preferred choice for customers and suppliers. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing flexible collection and delivery terms worldwide, ensuring each shipment is personally managed with outstanding customer care and commitment.

Our Products

Raw Materials strives to provide an extensive range of stock-lots for paper and packaging grades sourced from our paper manufacturers and mill partners worldwide. This enables us to cover all paper categories in printing, packaging, and specialty, available in both prime and warehouse stock quality.

We offer a diverse selection of graphical grades, including stocklots woodfree uncoated and stocklots coated (WFU/WFC), stocklots art paper, stocklots supercalendered (SCA), stocklots lightweight coated (LWC), stocklots coated one side (C1S) - label paper, stocklots flexible packaging, and Chromo.

Our expertise extends to packaging grades, encompassing stocklots kraft paper, solid bleached sulphate (SBS), stocklots folding box board (FBB), GC1, GC2, and corrugated grades like stocklots testliner, stocklots fluting, and stocklots kraft liner. Additionally, we present various specialty paper grades such as stocklots tissue paper, stocklots tracing paper, and stocklots thermal paper.

Our stock-lots of pulp, paper, and packaging grades are sourced globally.